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Safety & Health

Taylor Northwest has focused on building a high level of safety culture since its inception in 2008. We have built the foundation of this safety culture by adhering to these four Core Values: Attitude (above all), Safety, Service, and Quality.

We have identified that without approaching each task with the right Attitude, none of the other core values can be achieved. By adhering to our core values we have been able to achieve the following Award recognitions:

  • 2023 AGC ROSE Award (1st place Heavy Division)
  • 2023 AGC PRIDE Award
  • 2022 AGC 1st place CSEA Winner
    • (Heavy Division under 400,000 hours worked)
  • 2021 AGC 2nd place CSEA Winner
    • (Heavy Division 300,000-800,000 hours worked)
  • 2021 AGC ROSE Award (1st place Heavy Division)
  • 2020 AGC ROSE Award (1st place Heavy Division)
  • 2019 AGC ROSE Award (1st place Heavy Division)
  • 2018 AGC ROSE Most Outstanding Award Winner
  • 2018 AGC ROSE Award (1st place Heavy Division)
  • 2018 AGC PRIDE Award
  • 2017 AGC PRIDE Award

Pride Award

The purpose of AGC Safety PRIDE (Program Recognition Indicating Dedication & Excellence) designation is to recognize members who are willing to continuously improve and who are innovative industry leaders in safety. This program is recognized by OR-OSHA under Program Directive A-264 (Focused Inspections in Construction).

PRIDE Program Goals

  • Publicly recognize employer achievement in attaining and maintaining effective safety management programs.
  • Increase the number of employers with effective safety and health management programs.
  • Assist participating employers in establishing self-sufficient safety and health management programs.
  • Increase safe work environments for employees.
  • Increase employee safety awareness.
  • Decrease the number of injuries, illnesses, and fatalities affecting participating employers.
  • Improve lost workday and incidence rates.
  • Positively impact experience modification rates, resulting in reduced workers’ compensation costs.
  • Limit OR-OSHA to Focused Inspections only of AGC Safety PRIDE-designated contractors.
AGC Pride Award Recipient

Rose Award

The purpose of the Oregon-Columbia Chapter’s ROSE (Recognition of Safety Excellence) Award is to recognize chapter leaders who demonstrate safety excellence. The award process provides:

  • Great tool to conduct a safety program self-evaluation.
  • Excellent way to document safety achievements.
  • Share company safety and health accomplishments with team members.
  • Receive well-deserved peer recognition.

Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA)

The purpose of the AGC of America CSEA (Construction Safety Excellence Award) is to recognize those construction companies who excel at safety performance. The CSEA closely examines each candidate’s commitment to safety and occupational health management and risk control. Unlike other safety award programs that limit the criteria to frequency rates, the CSEA selection process is considerably more comprehensive. Each application is reviewed for evidence of:

  • Company management commitment
  • Active employee participation
  • Safety training
  • Work site hazard identification and control
  • Safety program innovation

Participants are required to complete the application form and submit it directly to AGC of America or through their local AGC Chapter. Members of the national AGC Safety & Health Committee review and judge the submittals at the Construction Safety & Health Conference, held in January each year. The finalists in each divisional category are then invited to compete in-person at the AGC National Convention for either a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place award. Finalists give an oral presentation in front of five judges. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards are determined after oral presentations. The winners are announced at the Safety Awards Ceremony during the AGC National Convention.

AGC Award Recipient