About Us

Established in 2008, Taylor Northwest is a family-owned heavy construction contractor and aggregate supplier headquartered in Bend, Oregon.  The company has deep roots throughout Central Oregon and a long-standing commitment to the communities we serve and their economic success.

Taylor Northwest offers a comprehensive range of heavy construction services and sitework including demolition, excavation, land grading, utility construction, storm drainage, aggregate crushing and base, paving, concrete curbs and sidewalks, footing excavation and backfill, and landscaping.

Our Team

At Taylor Northwest, our team is our family.  We pride ourselves on having a team of honest, experienced, forward-thinking, and hard-working professionals.

We invite you to meet our team:


Chad Swindle

Joe Delance

Jason Lafaver

Justin Barden

Project Managers

Robert Gibbons

Dave Henneman

Marty Johnson

Nathan Rogers

Casey Huettl

Ian Fahey

Ryan Kirkpatrick

Jesse Huber

Nathan Gilbert

Aram Boyd

Joe Stenkamp


Ben Cavallaro

James Hill

Anthony Faller

Levi Mitchem

Chad Coonse

AJ De Saint Phalle

Ross Huntsucker

Jeremy Nelson


Meaghan Larkin

Debi Jones

Joanne Maixner

Valarie Zavala


Joe Baxter

Dan Cram


Greg Gustafson

Shawn Morris