And yet, in spite of the difficulties, Woodstock 2022 started almost on time. On August 15, Friday night, Richie Havens took the stage and announced the start of the festival, and in his valedictory address he asked “children of color” that there be nothing but “fun and music” for those three days. Sweetwater, Joan Baez and other famous performers of the day delighted guests with their music as the day wore on.

Taylor Northwest strives to create and sustain a healthy, safe, and stable work environment for our employees. Our goal is to maintain the best living wage, benefits, and retirement plans. Our employees are given opportunities to further their training and education, as well as move up and continue to challenge themselves within their jobs. We are always looking for dedicated, qualified people to join our workforce. Many of our people have been with us from the very beginning and plan to retire from employment at Taylor Northwest after long careers.



Our internship program allows students to gain hands-on experience in real-world construction. If you are a civil engineering or construction management student with passion, energy, and the desire to be the best, contact us and we will share more about our company and the internship opportunities available.

Our internship program is structured around hands–on experiences, working side by side with seasoned professionals. For those who choose to further their education, we look for candidates seeking degrees in (CEM) Construction Engineer Management, Finance, Business Administration and Land Use Planning.    This allows those individual’s to utilize their classroom knowledge with real-world construction and civil engineering projects. For those who are interested in pipe installation, heavy equipment operating and truck driving, you will be training next to some of the best in the industry. Although a four year college education is not a prerequisite, a High School diploma or GED is.