Todd is a fourth generation Bend, Oregonian. After graduating from college, he and his wife Lorri moved back to Bend where he started his career in construction. Twenty six years later, they have raised a family and now partner in Taylor Northwest, LLC. Todd’s experience in construction has come in all shapes and sizes. Things like hands-on experience, a strong work ethic, a solid reputation, the importance of continuing to challenge and educate oneself, and the commitment to giving back to the Central Oregon community are all results of his vast experiences, and the ideals he chooses to uphold in Taylor Northwest. Todd has owned and operated construction companies through the many highs and lows experienced by the industry through the years. He attributes much of his company’s success to the professionalism and unsurpassed work ethic demonstrated by Taylor Northwest’s team. The combination of work experience and vision brought forth by the employees of Taylor Northwest secures a bright future for the company.

Todd Taylor