Message from Steve and Scott Mathy

June 11, 2020

We have received questions about the company status as states gradually reopen, as well as the events we’ve all been seeing on TV in our own communities and throughout the country. We are reaching out today to respond to some of those questions and offer the following comments.

In December, we announced the creation of a new company-wide Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Members of the Committee include representatives across A.L.M. companies, as well as across various positions, and we retained an experienced, outside advisor to help lead the group. The Committee held its first meeting last month. They will meet again on June 26 and will be meeting regularly thereafter. Part of the Committee’s goal is to seek feedback on priorities and opportunities for improvement as it relates to diversity and inclusion within our company.

Recent events have only furthered our resolve and commitment to seek ways in which we as a company and individually can be part of the solution. We are sympathetic to and in support of the nationwide conversations that need to occur to improve social justice and racial disparities in our country. The first step to a greater solution is listening, and through this Committee and other efforts, we will examine how A.L.M. and its divisions can improve as a company and support our communities toward the same goal. We are confident that with hard work and participation from everyone, we can have a positive impact. As updates on this Committee and its initiatives become available, we will share them with you.

The current racial and social justice issues and events have elicited strong opinions in our communities, based on fact, emotion, and experiences. As you engage in conversations about these important topics, whether verbally or on social media, please be respectful, open-minded, and patient. These are not issues from some faraway place. They are very real problems felt throughout all parts of our society by co-workers, neighbors and maybe even yourself. We encourage everyone to be thoughtful, civil, and considerate as we all work together toward a solution.

Our expectation is that all A.L.M. team members: 1) continue to treat each other with respect at work and beyond; 2) take this initiative seriously and participate; and 3) be part of a greater solution.

As it relates to COVID-19, our number one priority has been, and will continue to be, keeping our team and facilities safe. Our approach to fully open our offices and facilities will be cautious and conservative. While some employees have returned to the office, we will continue to have a majority of our office staff work remotely from home. In preparation of eventually bringing more staff back into the office, we have begun several construction projects to build out more private space. This will help promote social distancing and facilitate additional separation of employees. Once those projects are completed, and we feel we can safely bring more people back into the office, we will slowly begin that process.

For those that have returned to the office and jobsites, we will continue to strictly follow CDC guidelines including: frequent hand washing, sanitizing of high use spaces and equipment, and social distancing. This includes the use of face coverings or masks when social distancing is not possible. For our most up-to-date guidance for working in the office or field, click on the “COVID-19” page.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and flexibility as we continue this journey together. While it may seem like things are going back to normal, we cannot let our guard down and we must maintain a heightened level of caution. Please be vigilant about maintaining your safety both at work and outside of work, and help those in need if you are able.

As always, we are available if you have any questions or concerns.

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