Diversity and Inclusion Update from Steve and Scott

November 19, 2020

We have always known that we are better and stronger when we embrace more perspectives and ideas, and at last year’s December leadership meeting, we pledged to put more resources behind diversity and inclusion efforts across all A.L.M. companies.  At the time, we made the commitment because it was the right thing to do, not knowing what challenges our nation would face in 2020.

To begin this initiative, we appointed a committee of co-workers with representation across A.L.M. companies, among various positions and experience levels.  The goal was to define what diversity and inclusion means for the company and to provide recommendations on how to better include it in our culture.

In conjunction with an outside advisor, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee worked hard over the past several months, often through raw emotions.  They sought feedback from co-workers and analyzed statistical data to identify barriers, as well as potential opportunities to enhance our culture.

A few weeks ago, the committee concluded its work and presented us with the following statement, which aims to affirm the Company’s aspirations for a diverse and inclusive workplace.

You are valued and appreciated. 

Your unique backgrounds, opinions and ideas are welcome and will contribute to our mutual success. 

Together, we commit to listen, motivate, and inspire, building a diverse and inclusive culture based on dignity and respect. 

In addition, the committee put forth several recommendations on how to begin building a diverse and inclusive culture, including enlisting some ambassadors throughout all A.L.M. companies to help promote the initiative and build awareness.

Thank you to the entire committee – Nickale Beltran (Milestone Materials), Terry Deloney (Mathy Construction Company), Joe Dorsey (HTP Energy), Dave Eitland (Mathy Construction Company), Jeanne Groski (Rochester Sand and Gravel), Kao Her (HTP Energy), Taylor Ledvina (Mathy Construction Company), Boyd Manning (HTP Energy), Ivan Rodriguez (Monarch Paving), Nicole Sankey (ConsTrucks), Heather St. Clair (Petro Energy), Beth Stuhr (Mathy Construction Company), Tara Wetzel (Mathy Construction Company), and Mike Hoffmann (River City Paving).

We greatly appreciate all the effort committee members put into this task, including the time and energy spent listening to their co-workers.  It was a heavy lift, and we applaud the thoughtful blueprint they put forth.  Their recommendations not only fit with our company and its people, they can also grow and adapt over time, and will have a positive impact on our co-workers, partners, vendors, communities and families.

The company’s goal of building on what we have and enhancing diversity and inclusion is not going to happen overnight.  Rather, it will be a long-term, ongoing, grassroots initiative that is part of who we are and everything we do.

We will be rolling out this initiative more in the coming weeks and on an ongoing basis, starting with an awareness campaign to highlight what diversity and inclusion means to people across the companies.  But here’s what you can do today:  get to know someone you don’t know.  It can be someone in the company or a new or old neighbor.  Ask questions, be human and approach the new relationship with an open mind.  There is always something we can learn and appreciate from others.


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